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Manufacture of corrugated metal structures (MCS)

Алексинстройконструкция - предприятие по производству МГК

JSC «Aleksinstroykonstukcija» is the oldest, since 1972, enterprise manufacturing MCS. During the activity period the plant manufactured more then a million tons of different structures. The country history has reflected, as in a mirror, in the places of our product delivery. They are Baykal-Amur Railroad, Surgut, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Yamal Peninsula, Ural Industrial Area, Sakhalin Island, “Amur” Motor Way, Branch Railway to Elga’s Coal Field. Our enterprise grown and developed in accordance with increasing of the demands in quality and number of types of metal corrugated structures. Manufacturing of MCS with corrugation 150×50 mm and wall thickness 3 to 7 mm was mastered by 2005 that enabled to manufacture structures with circular section up to 8 m and arched section up to 10 m, serial production of MCS with corrugation 381×142, 381×140 was mastered by the first half-year of 2014. Metal wall thickness is 5–8 mm and structure span up to 25 m that enables to compete with reinforced-concrete span bridges.

MCS estimated performances, pipe installation, laying and backfilling methods are given in type designs of Series 3.501.3-183.01 3.501.3-185.03. The length of structures of pipes is defined by a customer and is not limited structurally.

The pipes are supplied by any type of transport in single packets 500 kg each and is provided with special fasteners – bolts and nuts. High level of transportability is achieved due to hight level of compactness. So one railway car with load capacity of 65 ton can carry up to 400 running meters of MCS.

The long period of MCS usage in man-made road constructions (Baikal-Amur Mainline, Yamal’s construction facilities, facilities in Western Siberia and Eastern Siberia, facilities in CIS countries) enables to give a high rating and consider these structures prospective and cost effective structures.

The main business principle of JSC «Aleksinstroykonstukcija» - is long-term, reliable and mutually beneficial partnership relations with customers. The products of the enterprise are used by more then 200 companies in Russia. Aleksin’s metal structures are used by АО «Trud», JSC «Mechel», JSC «Surgutneftegas», JSC «KhMDS», АО «VAD», as well as enterprises in Kazakhstan and Byelorussia.

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